Hello Kora Band fans!  Just a post to say thanks to everyone who came out to Jimmy Mak’s in Portland and Tula’s in Seattle in the past couple of weeks, we had a fantastic time at both shows and hope you did too.

Kane is heading off for some travels in Europe and West Africa this fall but we will have some shows in October and December, dates will be posted very soon.  Meanwhile you can check out Kane’s exciting and ambitious Mandinka History and Language project at his site here.

As always our new album “Cascades” is available at from OA2 Records and iTunes and there are some live downloads at our Bandcamp site too.

If you’re not signed up you can join our mailing list here (select “Kora Band” from the list) to find out about upcoming shows.  It’s city-specific too, to prevent unnecessary spamming!

Thanks everyone and see you very soon we hope!

2 thoughts on “Fall

  1. Thought you would want to know that when I try to subscribe to your mailing list I get an error. I’d certainly be interested in hearing when your Kora band will appear again in Portland. Thanks, and keep up the inventive music!

    The requested URL /Subscribe to our newsletter was not found on this server.

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