Winter Break…

Hello all,

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us in November and December in Portland, Corvallis, and Seattle, we had a nice little run of shows!

We’re taking a couple of months off of gigging to work up a bunch of great new material and get ready for lots of spring and summer activity including an appearance at the Portland Jazz Festival in February and a regional tour in March/April in Seattle, Portland, Salem, and Port Townsend, among other nearby cities.

Meanwhile you can still find our new album “Cascades” for purchase and download in numerous locations, which we will humbly re-link to below.  There’s some samples from it over at the “Listen” page and be sure to stay tuned for our updated gig schedule as we emerge from the winter!

The Kora Band – “Cascades” (OA2 Records)

Purchase at Amazon

Purchase at OA2 Records

Download MP3 at Amazon

Download at emusic

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