Tour Update #2 – California!

Well our tour is progressing along nicely, we’ve escaped the Northwest rain here in California!

On Wednesday night we had a fun gig at the Avalon Bar and Grill in Talent, OR, where the people are extremely nice and generous and the vibe was suitably positive.

Thursday we drove a long way down to San Jose, but the drive was quite enjoyable and the weather was nice.  We had a clinic with a few students at San Jose State University and then sped over to West Valley College for a nice gig in their theater, complete with a fantastic piano, which we don’t always have the luxury of finding at our gigs, so that was especially nice.

Tonight we’re headed up to San Francisco to play at the Red Poppy, a great little room which does a lot of great work promoting art and music in San Fran’s Mission district.  Then it’s off to Sacramento tomorrow for our last gig of the tour.  Spread the word in California!

Photos etc. coming soon!

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